Our Values

Time Spent With Clients

30 minute one on one appointments. We want to provide an experience that is awesome, caring, and most importantly, an experience that is of value to you.

Comprehensive Assessments

To try and get to the root cause of the pain we believe that we must look at the client’s history and presentation in as much depth as possible.

Frequent Reassessments

We want to see positive change and to do that we need to see if our treatments are working. It is therefore essential that we evaluate and reevaluate constantly.


No therapist can treat everything all at once. We all have different strengths. Whether it’s physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, athletic therapist, naturopathic doctor, family doctor, counsellor, etc, we are all a team. Your success is more likely if we are good at working together.


We believe in incorporating the latest clinical tools available as well as evidence informed practice. Using treatments that are effective at making change matters to us. Reinvesting in the latest tools is how we can continue to improve our effectiveness.
Penticton Pain Clinic aspires to be a multidisciplinary clinic offering a variety of complementary treatments to help you achieve success in pain reduction and pain management. As we are a new clinic, we are offering physiotherapy and massage services currently. In time we will connect with the community and engage with persons of similar values. We look forward to the opportunity to grow and diversify our clinical team. We will also strive to find the best solution for you outside the clinic if we cannot provide what you are looking for.

About Us

Patrice Kong

Patrice Kong


Originally from the island of Mauritius, Patrice moved to Penticton to bring his family and extended family closer together. Patrice is a graduate of UBC and completed his Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta. His passion lies in providing care that is effective, of value, and delivering it in a way that is compassionate. When not in the clinic and treating (which is very rare), he loves spending time with his family. When he can, he’ll generally try and spend some time on the water fishing.

Carolyn DeHart

Carolyn DeHart

Certified Massage Clinician

As a graduate of a 3000 hour program at Makami College in Edmonton, Alberta, I have several years of experience in advanced clinical massage therapy, and am trained in a variety of massage techniques. Some of the modalities that I use in treatment are: Swedish relaxation massage, myofascial cupping,trigger point and therapeutic deep tissue massage, Sports massage, lymphatic drainage, hot stone, prenatal/infant massage and the cyriax method ( a method used to treat old injuries/scar tissue for increased range of motion).
It is my passion to help others achieve their health goals, and I believe that massage is an important component of good mental health and a balanced body. I combine different techniques to address the specific need or condition of my clients, so whether you are seeking relaxation or ongoing rehabilitation, I am confident that I can provide a positive massage experience.
I am here to make self care a part of your routine again!

Susi Midgley

Susi Midgley

Patient Success Coordinator

Born in Montreal Quebec and moved to Vancouver in 1979. Susan took an MOA course in 1986 and began working at Surrey Memorial in 1988. Susan Moved to the Okanagan in 2004, and began working in Penticton Regional Hospital. In 2006 she took the Residential Care Aide course. Susan is very entrepreneurial and sells soups, breads and scone mixes at local farmers markets. Susan has 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren.

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